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Adding depth to your designs

Stimulating depth in your 2D illustrations or design gives them life, attracts viewer’s interest. There are a lot of techniques in giving depth to your designs. We will discuss some of them here. overlap Objects Remind yourself, what you learned before, not applying now. Overlapping objects means layering objects. This technique is used to focus elements or to create depth.

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Improve your Typography Skills

Select good type, italicize it, change size and color…….. wow that’s look nice. This is the rhythm we come in to typography. Most of the people and creatives think that good typography knowledge ends here. These are initial steps only. We have to think more properties of typography when going to design some awesome artwork. These properties allows us to

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Why every creative is not enterpreneur

Have you ever think about these ideas and never reached the goal. 1. I will make my website 2. I will start my business 3. I will write tutorial 4. I will write my blog This happens with most of us. we think an idea, start working on it, when some time passes, we abandon. It is because, our tendency

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Are you really a designer?

Designers are not the persons having computer, photoshop and some free time. The KNOWLEDGE makes the difference between designers and non-designers. A designer must have knowlede of design principles, grid systems, typography, color theory, and should have critical thinking about designs. That makes the difference.


4 Step Copywriting Process

4 Step Copywriting Process for copywriters, having some in depth tips while searching in the mind of customers and targeting target audience.