Post Grid

Creating custom Responsive Post Grids with Fortuna is a breeze! Fully customize the looks of your grids, add them to any page, filter the items you want to display, manage the output and sub-items displayed like date, image, excerpt, Read More link etc. Check out some of the modification options below as well as a few examples further down the page.


What elements to show (Pic, Title, Excerpt, Date, Link etc.)
Regular/Boxed style presets
Image Hover Effect (4 Style Presets available)
Grid column count (4 Style Presets available)
Date Style Presets (2 Style Presets available)
Custom Query/Filter for the Items displayed
Total Items in Grid
Spacing between items (None, Small and Large)
CSS animation of the items
Category Query Filter
Order and Order By clauses
Overwrite image size

Post Grid Example #1

Why to think how Quora and facebook founders think…

When an innovation allows everyone to use that innovation and letting them start to make profits, ...

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High Dynamic Range (HDR) Tutorial using 1 JPG

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Tutorial using 1 JPG states "how to convert simple images into awesome and ...

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Increase price. They will buy more.

Down the road, at the age of six around, I was walking to purchase a pencil to be used in my school. I ...

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DON’T reinvent the wheel.

There was a village having a very smart old guy. Every morning people in a row come to him and ...

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Understanding Food Labels

Protein: This is a good thing you should want in your diet. It is used to improve your muscle. This ...

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What they don’t tell you

After all, all big businessmen, successful celebrities, wealthy giant, and entrepreneurs have this one ...

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Green Field

Green Field Originally uploaded by Sheikh Naveed ...

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DON’T reinvent the wheel.

There was a village having a very smart old guy. Every morning people in a row come to him and ...

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Post Grid Example #2

The most important thing is to start

After entering into the hall of that big tech event of my city, I was amazed why I’m here and what to do with my ...

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Free upWork Udemy Training Course

We have made our upwork course on udemy completely free. ...

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POWRBTC LONG by SheikhNaveed on ...

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OKCASHBTC LONG by SheikhNaveed on ...

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Impact Millions

Wealth generation formula doesn’t start by only starting a business. You have to think what kind of business are you ...

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Post Grid Example #3

Improve your Typography Skills

Select good type, italicize it, change size and color…….. wow that’s look ...

Please don’t read this if you wan’t to be poor all the life.

Still with a hand-to-mouth situation even after years of earning? Do you spend all what you ...

Are you really a designer?

Designers are not the persons having computer, photoshop and some free time. The KNOWLEDGE ...