Home For Rent

This apartment is on 4th floor of Rafiq Mansion burns road (East Open). There is no separate water motor for home. Building maintenance is Rs. 500 monthly. There is no water tank in home as well. You will use building motor and water tank.

There are 3 rooms, one store, one washroom, one bathroom.

Electricity shortage is around 6-8hours daily. Meetha and khara water mixed will be served from building.

Rent is 18,000 per month with 6 month of security deposit of Rs. 108,000.

That would be yearly rent 18,000×12= 216,000 + deposit 108,000 = 324,000

If you pay whole year rent complete from first month then rent will be 16,000 per month and deposit will be 95,000.

16,000×12=192,000 + 95,000 = 287,000

That will be your 324,000-287,000=37,000

You can save 37,000 in this way.

I hope that helps.