Can I become rich during employment?

Investment is the answer.

Years ago, while I was coming back from a beach nearby my city with my university friend. He suddenly asked ‘Naveed! How much do you earn’, I said ‘XXX’. He asked ‘How much do you spend’. I replied with around ‘XXX’. Our traveling ended. He went home. I went stunned.

Do you know who a ‘poor’ is? Even after doing masters in finance I was a totally foolish in personal finance in respect to the definition, I was poor. Dave Ramsey in his best seller ‘Total money makeover’ writes the definition of poor something like ‘One who spends all that he earns’.

I know personally the people who not only spend all what they earn, even think buy stuff they can’t afford using their current resources. That’s is society behavior thanks to media marketing efforts with huge budgets. Poor remains poor and even after decades their total worth remains hand-to-mouth. Nobody told them what wrong exactly are they doing. They also didn’t think about this. When I talk to people about their foolish, nonsense spending behavior. They see with their blank faces inside my eyes so weird that I feel suspicious. They start excuses like most of the ‘poor-minded’ guys do. Like I did.

What do you when your income increases? Buy somewhat more expensive shoes as compared to your previous one. I suspect you will be at the same level in next ten years where you are right now. What to do then? Make this your life karma.


You have to redefine your very own customized definition of ‘necessities’ and ‘luxuries’. Forget about luxuries for 5–10 years. Never again think of loan. Payback if you have any. Don’t use credit cards. Go to bed without food. Don’t with having a loan. Does that make sense?….. This is the very first step in personal financial freedom.

One of my friends has 2 more brothers. All three are doing jobs with a fixed and somewhat variable income. All revenue of one of them goes to rent the home, ridiculous? I know. Their ancestors didn’t think what I’m asking you to think about. They also don’t, simply.

After getting rid of all debts. Mortgage home. Start investing in biggest investment of your life. I know that part is hard enough. That will pay back in long term.

Already owned one? This is the time to invest for long term. Invest 10% of what you earn monthly in index/mutual fund. Make it routine. Poor people think about spending even before receiving money. You have to think about the investment before that. 10% is not that big amount.

Please don’t excuse me. You are earning 30K, all expenses are fixed, you don’t have even 1000 to invest? Awesome… What if you have only two options of having no money at all or 10% less than what you are earning? Will you survive in 27K? Right? That is the point?

One last, off the topic, motivating, energizing, forcing-you-to-think-hard type of stuff.

Yesterday I was talking with a businessman in my city. He was giving examples of various successful and very wealthy guys in his circle. After listening hours to the stories. I asked ‘They were all examples of business-minded and entrepreneurship-focused people. Do you know some gentleman who is successful and wealthy and doing employment?’ He stared at the sky with a pause and replied.


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